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Here you get an overview of technical and gamedesign concepts for X-Force. These you can download.

What are these concepts for?
Every game is based on specific rules. The "game rules" were up to now clear only in the source code and could not be easily used to understand X-Force. That made sensible testing and development impossible.

Our goal is to describe the "game rules" in the different areas of X-Force. On the one hand, the further evolution is simplified as a result and on the other hand debugging considerably simplified.

Can I help?
In the forum "Konzepte", you can insert your own ideas about these concepts and discuss them. This is the kind of feedback we want. The concepts documents reflect our ideas. The past showed often enough that our ideas are not always the best ones. Therefore, we also depend on your ideas.

If you would like to support X-Force with the evolution of a concept for a specific topic, write a simple E-mail to us with a topic request. Every idea can then be further clarified by mail.

Warning - Spoilers:
The concepts include internal information about X-Force. It is recommended that you only read the concepts if you would like to participate in the evolution and improvement in X-Force. For players who would like to only have fun with X-Force, a reading through is not recommended. If you know too much about the internals of the game, it can ruin any surprises for you.

WARNING: At this time, these documents are only available in German.


  documentation date of last change description
Spielsatz "General Smirkovich" 29.07.2009 16:36:37 Stand 0.3d zur 0.915 mit aktuellem Cheatmenü (Spielername Debug) und neuem Handelsscreen.
Spielsatz Alliances 10.05.2010 22:10:24 Spielsatz Alliances, modifiziert für 0.915
Spielsatz Rise of the Phoenix 10.05.2010 22:12:47 Spielsatz Rise of the Phoenix, modifiziert für 0.915

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