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 Version 0.845 from Jim_Raynor 12.08.2004, 23:14 

Today we are pleased to announce that the beta test is ended for version 0.845. This means that the release of the V0.845 is final. As always we have the download in the download area. Updating with the online updater (config.exe) is available for owners of version 0.840 or one of the beta versions as a matter of course.

Main attention is on the many bug fixes. In the tactical mission there are now only a few crashes. You can send a bug report for a crash by mail as it will allow opening your E-mail client and sending the error.txt file as an attachment. Bugs should only be reported by mail (if it causes a crash) or directly in the bugtracker. This makes administration and processing simpler for us.

As earlier announced in the news, we made a change of the script language X-script to a new script engine. With this script engine, we're able to add new functions and objects in an easier way. In future, you can reckon a strong enlargement of X-script. Furthermore, there is a new project in the bugtracker for X-script. All bugs and all enhancement requests concerning X-script can be reported there.

Some additional features were also added. Equipment can now be transferred between the bases.
Also after a grenade throw the unit "flees" to the destination determined first. The aliens no longer drop random equipment. They really use the alien equipment assigned to them and drop it if they get killed.

We have now deactivated the real-time mode for the tactical mission. This step was required since it was not much used in version 0.840. Maintaining the two modes at once is not possible without a huge amount of work. We made this decision so we could concentrate on the tactical aspect of the tactical mission.

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