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 V0.835 - Der Bodeneinsatz [ previous screenshot ] [ choice ] [ next screenshot ] 
Der Bodeneinsatz

Zum Release der Version veröffentliche ich als kleinen Vorgeschmack ein Bild aus dem Bodeneinsatz. Dort sieht man vor allem die neuen Wände, aber auch die einzelnen Tiles sind insgesamt größer geworden.

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player 15. July 2005 um 18:30

I dont like this, when game stop after see alien,
or when is die, used only signalisation on top of
head, or show minimap with red points,
I dont like right bar, i more like, when the head of people on this plays, with posibilities hide down, and posibility for hide message line, and show down if i choose visibly, if i am select person then show on down bar head and left and rigth hands(weapons) and buttons for back to craft, editing
equiptments and put amuniton to pistols down of pictures of weapons, and on same places show type of shooting, button for and and map button,
and tip on and very important when the mans have feelings, and this feelings control his level of throw and more skills, not depend on brave, and it very good when the people after mission get some awart, or new function hierarchy, and some eperience on the end, training of soldiers gooing to life e.g. for some virtual realiti machine, when it put in, you then start battle(typical),
it is dificult by his actualy status, if he/she die you dont gooing to next level, if you is hiting you recieve only one point, and second type of training in style : shoot the ufos, the ufos show on screen(random) and player shooting in time, if he/she shoot all then get some point, if you get less then one, then get only one point,
and third is same to actualy. An next tip for
counties, posibility to pay some fees to countiries for more attractivy to your ship.
And easy development tools to create translation,
more easier(text file with this(with tool to re/decompilate to specific formate, or not used this text format), tools for put new towns to map easier, and tools for not programming people, to make new weapons, aliens, crafts and other...

Sascha J. 03. November 2004 um 21:35

TheWho 11. October 2004 um 19:19

Norwin 12. February 2004 um 18:31

Konstantin 11. January 2004 um 01:47

Seltsamer Name: Sergio Meier!!!!!

Erwin 07. January 2004 um 16:17

Painter 23. December 2003 um 20:05

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