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 What is X-Force?   
X-Force is a remake of the old classic UFO: Enemy Unknown and X-COM: Terror From The Deep. There are three parts to these games:

Management of your organization: You have to purchase spaceships, soldiers and equipment that can fight against the alien invaders. In the laboratory you can research weapons and technologies. On the earth sphere you have to use your spaceships to hunt and catch spaceships (UFOs) that regularly appear. Sometimes there are scripted missions where you have to fulfill special jobs.

UFO Battles: You have to fight against the UFOs with your spaceships by using the keyboard and mouse or a simulation to blow the UFOs out of the sky.

If the UFO crashes over land you have to send your soldiers to the wreck and eliminate the surviving aliens in a tactical mission. There you can choose if you want to play in round (turn) based or in real time.

 current features   
  • Construction of up to eight bases
  • In the spacecraft fighting simulator fights against UFOs can be simulated
  • All characteristics of the game are changeable in the system-supplied editor
  • Improvement of weapons in the laboratory through research
  • Additional diverse game sets (tile sets) with different weapons, spaceships, UFOs etc. can be added.
  • Investigation of new technologies
  • Items can be bought or produced in the workshop
  • Training of soldiers, scientists and technologists
  • High score of the best week close
  • User defined speed in the geoscape
  • Free 2D movement in the UFO fight
  • UFOpedia where information on all objects are shown
  • An exact listing of all financial outgoings and income
  • Spaceships can be equipped
  • Pop-up help for each screen object if you move the mouse over it
  • Script language to create your own missions
  • Support of mouse wheel

 planned features   
  • Asteroids in the spaceship fight
  • Defense facilities to defend the base from UFO attacks
  • Dynamic maps
  • Dynamic missions
  • Mission editor
  • Diverse special equipment can be installed in a spaceship for improvement
  • Round based tactical battles in X-COM Apocalypse style

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