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 X-Force - Fight For Destiny - Forum —› Translations —› French Language Update

Autor Mitteilung
verfasst am: 03.04.2007, 22:28
Registrierdatum: 19.09.2005, 03:07

 Beiträge: 28

There is an update for the french config_dat:

*Corection of syntax and grammar

You can retrieve it here:french.dat_config
Just right click on link and "save as"

One Notice: In the online update form there is a caption named "Homepage" that should be (maybe)OnlineUpdateForm.HomePage.Caption=Homepage
But it is not present in the config.dat of the 0.910 test version.
My translation for this caption would be "Site web".

The ingame text is about 90% finished.
The default gameset is about 20% finished.
will be soon here.
Try to do my best for you to have it soon finished.

See you and thanks again for this great game :)
verfasst am: 03.04.2007, 22:39
Admin, Spielsatz GalWar

Registrierdatum: 31.08.2005, 21:51

 Beiträge: 5595
Please check with DaFranker here in the non-german forum. He planned to work on a french translation after he finishes the english translations he has been working on. Perhaps you can share the work.

As for the gameset-translation:
The current default-gameset will be changed to the galactic war gameset in the next big release. after that the current default gameset will be continued only at a slower rate (it was from the beginning planned only for testing purposes, not as the main gameset)

The gameset "Galactic War" is currently only avaible in a small german version, but the english translation of a bigger version is in progress and will be included when the gameset becomes the default. And after that we'll be looking for people to translate it into other languages...

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