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 X-Force - Fight For Destiny - Forum —› English - general discussions —› How big is the english community?

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verfasst am: 06.08.2009, 10:41
Registrierdatum: 22.08.2008, 15:51

 Beiträge: 403
I'm curios about how big the english community is because gnfalex offered some help in my gameset, which is all in german. My long time planes involve a translation but if there are more interestet players (not only to help, but mainly to play) I would do it sooner.
verfasst am: 07.08.2009, 09:57

Registrierdatum: 01.07.2008, 07:53

 Beiträge: 109
Very interesting question :-). I count number of view per post and recieve community size near 30-40 members. But I can't think how to count english-only.

@All, who badly understood Deutsch/German.
Please, post there.

P.S. Playing is possible without language knowing. 15 years ago I was played throught 'UFO:Enemy Unknown' without study English language. But it was less interesting :-(.
verfasst am: 07.08.2009, 12:12
Admin, Spielsatz GalWar

Registrierdatum: 31.08.2005, 21:51

 Beiträge: 5596
Over the time there have been a lot of english people around here, even starting several pure english gamesets.

unfortunately the editor wasn't translated at all until a few versions ago and isn't completely translatable in the public version (we hope to change that soon), and that usually resulted in a loss of interest by english speaking people after a while.
verfasst am: 08.08.2009, 10:08
Registrierdatum: 28.07.2009, 19:04

 Beiträge: 48
I can't understand many of the gamesets in the current version. Only Galactic war and X-Force seem to be mostly english, although there are parts of them that aren't translated yet too. Like in Galactic war, all the prototype stuff. I have no idea what any of it does. What's a material collector? Etc. I'd prefer more english gamesets, but... I haven't been able to find any of the german texts anywhere, so I can't babelfish the stuff in the gamesets anyway.

I decided to reply to this after a few days anyway.. I don't think it'll be helpful though.
verfasst am: 08.08.2009, 10:34
Registrierdatum: 11.06.2009, 18:38

 Beiträge: 84
You find the german texts like this:

- open edit.exe in the xforce directory
- open galactic war gameset
- press ctrl+F (to display research projects)
- doubleclick the project you want
- there should be a window where you can change items etc (not recommended)
- you can see the texts there

(sorry if there are mistakes, my english is not perfect^^)
verfasst am: 08.08.2009, 13:31
Admin, Spielsatz GalWar

Registrierdatum: 31.08.2005, 21:51

 Beiträge: 5596
@Felix: That is a really cumbersome way to do translations or to collect the texts...

Better you open the gameset in the editor (as in the first two steps above) and then go to File - Languages (or Datei - Sprachen... if you set the editor to German) and create/export the wanted language files...
Zitat: Criusmac
What's a material collector? Etc. I'd prefer more english gamesets

There is an older english gameset (one of the two apokalypse-gamesets), but unfortunately it isn't converted to the current game version yet, you would have to install an older game version to play that.

The material collector is one of the newest additions to the gameset "galactic war", and since I don't have the time to translate the gameset myself, the translations will only be updated for final versions - not for testing versions where things might still change.
You'll have to wait for the 915final to get a completely translated version, or go back to the much older 912-finals
verfasst am: 08.08.2009, 23:05
Registrierdatum: 22.08.2008, 15:51

 Beiträge: 403
Zitat: Criusmac
I don't think it'll be helpful though.

I think your post is very helpful because it explains the accurate situation of the non german speaking people.
verfasst am: 09.08.2009, 00:00
Registrierdatum: 22.08.2008, 15:51

 Beiträge: 403
I'm going to do the translation for my gameset earlier than planed and look what's going to happen.
verfasst am: 14.08.2009, 08:27 · Edited by: Makkenhoff
Registrierdatum: 03.09.2007, 07:28

 Beiträge: 22
I think once a full English translation is available for the prime game-set, advertising in a few places will bring in plenty of English people. Now, personally I wouldn't advertise until its more... complete (IE: Beta gameset not alpha) but that is my take... having another gameset translated would certainly be helpful as well.

What I think has been the issue is the same issue a lot of similarly understaffed projects have - not enough progress in a short enough time span. That is not intended to be criticism, just a fact of life for part time "for fun" developers who do have real life obligations that in many cases supersede and interfere with daily plans. X-Force certainly isn't the only one.

A lot of popular projects have this issue Beyond the Red Line, for example, which is a Battlestar Galactica mod to the freespace2 engine. (You can look it up on Google if interested, beyond the red line + freespace 2) Even Wesnoth, another project has had its ups and downs.

But, at the very least I'm one more person to add to your question ;)
verfasst am: 28.10.2021, 05:32
Registrierdatum: 28.10.2021, 04:10

 Beiträge: 329
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 Beiträge: 46
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