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 X-Force - Fight For Destiny - Forum —› English - general discussions —› clumsy translations

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verfasst am: 21.08.2009, 20:42
Registrierdatum: 27.06.2007, 12:16

 Beiträge: 658
While playing the English version of X Force I found a few translations which sound rather clumsy to me. I thought to post this thread on the English forum so that non German speakers will be notified about this as well.

I'd like to make a few suggestions for translations different from the ones used in the XForce game. (note: game itself, not a specific game set)

First off, the lab screen.
"it does not become investigated" maybe should be replaced with "research stopped" or "hasn't been researched yet".

"immediately before rupture". (for all German people here, if I translate this back to German it means: "sofort vor Bruch", which doesn't make sense at all) I suggest to use "research right before completion" or "research almost complete" there.

In the UFOpeadia "Source material" could be "basic commodities" (which means "Grundstoffe" according to, which is the closest translation for "Ausgangsstoffe" as used in the German x force version). Also, the term "resources" which means "Betriebsmittel" is a better suiting word. The latter term actually origins in economics and refers to the exact items of this category and could be used.

Secondly, the base building screen.
"Establish a new base". I agree on the statement that "establish" equals the German word "errichten", but not in this context I'm afraid. Establish a system or government, but "establishing a base" is just wrong. The word doesn't match the context, so I suggest the usage of "plant new base" or "erect a new base" (whereas "bulding a new base" is correct either) Further information for translators: see You'll see that the word field "establish" doesn't cover the sense "build" or "construct" if you do some reasearch in this dictionary.

I'm not sure if the American English term "level" matches the context. Maybe using "floor" would be appropriate there. However, this can be considered as little flaw, nothing serious.

Also, the term combination tunneling could be replaced by "tunnel link" or "tunnel connection" (but that depends on if X Force uses British English or American English)
verfasst am: 21.08.2009, 23:23
Registrierdatum: 28.07.2009, 19:04

 Beiträge: 48
I agree with most of the post, except for Establish. The word establish flows better than plant or erect, and it is correct according to . More than one meaning fits, but the best seems to be:
4 a : to bring into existence

Establishing a new base is a term used on TV shows, other games, and a few movies.
Just Google establish a new base, and you'll see many links showing it is common English to say it in that way.
For example, one link is at ast.html

Wednesday, 4 March 2009
A new naval base in the Black Sea coast
According to Turkish daily Hürriyet, Turkish Navy is planing to establish a new base in the Black Sea town, Trabzon.
verfasst am: 21.08.2009, 23:26
Registrierdatum: 27.06.2007, 12:16

 Beiträge: 658
ahhh, looks like I was misinformed. You persuaded me. thanks for pointing that out.
verfasst am: 28.10.2021, 05:32
Registrierdatum: 28.10.2021, 04:10

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