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verfasst am: 18.02.2010, 20:44
Registrierdatum: 30.11.2007, 21:58

 Beiträge: 165
nope nothing shows. i searched for [playername].sav (I use my own name as my playername and I am not going to put it on the internet.) and nothing was found
verfasst am: 18.02.2010, 23:55
Admin, Spielsatz GalWar

Registrierdatum: 31.08.2005, 21:51

 Beiträge: 5596
look for *.sav and on all HDD's and all files. Windows sometimes has a filter on searches that blocks certain content from being shown if you don't specify a full search.
verfasst am: 26.02.2010, 17:48
Registrierdatum: 30.11.2007, 21:58

 Beiträge: 165
No nothing Maybe I should ask at natter where it they are placed because Even on all discs I find nothing.
Or I do something wrong
verfasst am: 26.02.2010, 23:49 · Edited by: Natter
Programmierer, allgemeines

Registrierdatum: 06.06.2004, 17:19

 Beiträge: 3186
Vista only searches in indexed (? - I'm not shure, how to call it in english) folders by default.

But all savegames are in my xforce/save-folder on my system. You could try to search in folder programfiles.
verfasst am: 07.04.2010, 19:21
Registrierdatum: 22.08.2008, 15:51

 Beiträge: 403
Next version online!

I have finished my work on the current version and put it online

One of the major changes is the dynamical choice of enemies in a ground mission based on their difficult. For exampel, a mission with a difficult of three enemies has 36 combinations of enemy types with two to twelve enemies on the field.
Look at the wikipage for more informations.

I need some feedback from the ground mission (diffculty cassulties, tactics, etc) in order to give the new equipment and aliens sensable values. Thanks.
Have fun!
verfasst am: 28.06.2010, 12:11
Registrierdatum: 22.08.2008, 15:51

 Beiträge: 403
Although I miss some traffic here (and probably players), here is a work-in-progress picture of one of the new maps.
verfasst am: 28.06.2010, 14:40 · Edited by: Sarun
Registrierdatum: 13.08.2005, 10:53

 Beiträge: 46
Schaut ja wirklick fein aus! Ist immer echt furchtbar wenn man dann was dazu sagen will weil das dann doch den SUPER eindruck verwischt.

Kleine Stilfrage sind die Pflanzen. Die sind zu "perfekt" (ich glaub weil sie zu scharf sind) im vergleich zur restlichen Landschaft. Auch das Licht stimmt nicht wirklich. Und die Größe der Bäume im Vergleich zu den Möbeln passt auch nicht ganz. Dadurch wirken die Pflanzen einfach sehr reinkopiert.
verfasst am: 28.06.2010, 16:56

Registrierdatum: 24.11.2006, 14:22

 Beiträge: 568
Zitat: Sarun
Dadurch wirken die Pflanzen einfach sehr reinkopiert.

Ja, da stimm ich dir vollkommen zu. Müsst wohl ein neues Rendertile für Bäume her :D
verfasst am: 15.05.2011, 10:57
Registrierdatum: 22.08.2008, 15:51

 Beiträge: 403
After long nights full of scripting and testing, I'm proud to present you my new version of my gameset. It is exclusiv for the 917Alpha Version of XForce! Please read my wiki-page because there is a bug which is explained there. Due to an other bug I couldn't put the map in the screenshot above into the gameset but I took care of diversity in groundmissions. Have fun!

Wikipage, scroll down for the english version

Direct download
verfasst am: 17.02.2012, 17:07 · Edited by: Kamilos
Registrierdatum: 03.06.2011, 00:37

 Beiträge: 2

I have a small problem, when i want to start an attack on second and third institiution i receive an error message. 4-5 times at the end

Can someone help me?

Version 0.303
verfasst am: 17.02.2012, 17:56
Registrierdatum: 22.08.2008, 15:51

 Beiträge: 403
The first message means that the map doesn't has enough points to place all of the aliens, but that doesn't matter because in that case the are placed randomly, but it should work.

I've never seen the second message, perhaps someone from the programmers can comment on this. Does the groundmission still start?
verfasst am: 17.02.2012, 18:39
Programmierer, allgemeines

Registrierdatum: 06.06.2004, 17:19

 Beiträge: 3186
Zitat: Kreks

I've never seen the second message, perhaps someone from the programmers can comment on this. Does the groundmission still start?

verfasst am: 17.02.2012, 18:56
Admin, Spielsatz GalWar

Registrierdatum: 31.08.2005, 21:51

 Beiträge: 5596
The bugticket linked above also contains the solution to the problem, but since the description there is in German I'll post it here as well.

There is a problem in the mapscript for that missionmap.
The M3D-File attached to the bugticket is the corrected map.
This file has to be exchanged for the wrong map file in the gameset by using the editor of X-Force.

You should be able to upload a corrected gameset file into the mantis document area. If you do this we could link it here in the forum for everyone who has the wrong version.
verfasst am: 17.02.2012, 22:51 · Edited by: Kamilos
Registrierdatum: 03.06.2011, 00:37

 Beiträge: 2
Thx, but how can i exchange it?

Edit: ok, i founded how to exchange it. Thanks for help ;)
verfasst am: 16.03.2012, 18:41 · Edited by: mazil
Registrierdatum: 18.08.2008, 22:51

 Beiträge: 90
Hi Kreks,
I tranlate this gameset to the czech. I expect that the translation will be done at the end of next week. Scripts will not translate yet, because then I want to ask a question, but to get to it.

I just played a bit, so I understand the story better. However, what I dislike nothing to do with translation.
1) there bothers me a little of that mission is to always start at midnight ...

2) At the beginning of the game is "boring" because they must wait until the next day when something will happen again (new mission).

3) Hunting:
a) the animals can be found easily and it seems to me that very few attacks (bear), though I am just beside her. Or conversely not run when it has clearly must know that I want to kill (reindeer).
b) the hunting takes some 2-3 hours, but sometimes the hunter returns from the hunt empty-handed after 8 and more hours. Even though I know, they are relatively Russian forests full of animals, especially rabbits. On the other site, even if forests are extensive, so a lot of people here hunt because most shops is empty or people have not money. So, find a place where no one hunted or is there something other than rabbits or rats is difficult. This can be used to improve the point 2 (multiple missions and generations small and large maps)
c) I can say that I'm going to always confident, seldom happens that the animals somewhere else (in some other place)
d) in reality, go on a bear with a crossbow is not easy. Crossbow injured him most (35-75% of life, hard leather, difficult to focus, ect.) and the next shot is imposible, because either is frightened and runs away, or you are running furiously. So, you can climb a tree, or you pull a knife against him (chance is 50/50 that survive) or with a spear (long stick). Also, the difference is remembered again bear (he) and bear (she). She is more angry if guarding babies, if not, then she flees. Hunters prefer to avoid the bears, they do not have the proper weapon (rifle), because it is always about life. In addition, they can not hunt every day and it is also unnecessary (meat from it a lot)

it is only as a guide for thought ... ;-)

3b) The hunters have their favorite places, especially where they go to hunt high and wild boar. But every animals hunt elsewhere.
About to catch three reindeer and bear every day is dream each hunter who has a passion (it is imposibe)... XD
Reindeer are absent in the inland. They are more in the north. This brings me to the question:
Can a script to distinguish place (geographical location) on the globe and then get correct animals?

3e) Hunter will not be travel 1,000 kilometers or more to hunt. He will hunt in their immediate vicinity...
20-50km, up to a maximum of 100km, even though he will go completely without cost.

4) Unusable weapons (logical howler):
kill a bear with a boxer or antlers is unrealistic and for other animals that is not much better...
kill a human with a boxer is something easier, but must aim at the head and if he has a armor, it's no chance.
Whit antlers is it similar.

The proposed changes:
The antlers can produce a very good, strong and especially well-shaped handle for a hunting knife (jackknife),
which can be set initially sharp stone or sharpening steel and then hardened steel. It can be used to upgrade weapons.
As another melee weapon can use katana (wooden sword - Japan samurai) or research antlers for sale and then for katana of antlers.
Bear teeth can be used to produce just throwing star (Japan ninja), which comes out so all the same, like a boxer.
Otherwise, the teeth are used more as a needle for sewing leather and sinew as thread.
Rather, I just left it as a very valuable trophy (for sale) or as improvements to the spikes for crossbow arrows.

5) Grenades:
I looked into the Russian army weapons and grenades type "S" was smoked. Assault grenades was another label.
It is only for your information, but it is not essential ;-)

6) Food (logical howler):
Three Reindeer + Bear = 350-550 kg meat = food for the whole family at least 3 months and even
If they have another source of livelihood (fields, fruit trees, etc.) then it's for year
One person eats per year on average much meat, what is his weight.

Someone here already mentioned about trees, it also applies to field and garden. Both gives the harvest once a year, but each in a different period,
therefore, is to be stored and then draw from these stores (cellar from fruits, vegetables) and grain from the granary (you can others do at home).
This field is small, the grains need approximately 4x as large, so you had to supply flour.
The business can then use all 4 food, but you'll be able to sell only a certain amount (must maintain a minimum reserve for the winter)
and moreover, you hardly notice that your truck business travelers take food, but rather the way you ride in a jeep,
or with pick-up. Despite the fact that it was much more noticeable and as you do not need a man in exile. Would you betrayed.
Also need a tractor with a jeep, which you go hunting for plowing is stupid. In addition, it gives you more options in research. Use of improved wheat (GM)
and fertilizers to increase yields and improve the tractor to its acceleration, if more fields.
There is one more fact, the field (soil beneath him) after two years runs out, so you need a min. two, but better to have three (for alternated)
I know that it simply says, but harder to do, despite the fact that I do not know if the script allows for such games in time for the trade, etc.

7) Translate:
I decided to free translation. I spread some texts. I've added direct speech and as language I used colloquial language (especially in stressful situations)
that it gained more authenticity. I hope you do not mind.
verfasst am: 17.03.2012, 12:46
Registrierdatum: 22.08.2008, 15:51

 Beiträge: 403
I'm impressed that you look with such a realistic view on my gameset. There are things like the amount of food, distance to the hunting area, uses of weapons (by the way, the antlers are weapons so that the reindeers can use them, I just thought they would be a nice trophy for the player and I never intend that a player would use them as a weapon) that needed to be tweaked to make it possible to play, a distance of 20 up to 50km can't be properly displayed on the screen, I wanted some spread.
The midnight triggering is done for easier handling for me, so that just one event is used. I guess, that's for everyones own taste.
Oh, and the russian granade, the 3S stands for three squares, which means it covers three squares in the ground mission, but yet again you showed your attention to detail.

In my opinion, you should wait with the translation because I'm thinking of given up the project for several reasons. One major reason is probably that I (and another guy) try to make a reprogramming of XForce because the language of XForce isn't for free anymore and we both try to approach this situation with different concepts.
verfasst am: 17.03.2012, 16:14 · Edited by: mazil
Registrierdatum: 18.08.2008, 22:51

 Beiträge: 90
I expected something like this (revitalization of X-Force), because the maps have changed ... It was inevitable...
I have more elaborated version of the translations for the 915b04 (GW, X-Force, etc.), but after I discovered that it will be remake the core (completely from the basics), so I stopped it. Doing a translation for a version that may not be available then it is quite unnecessary exertion ... I think that your story is worth to translate. Especially because there are used and new features previously unused (field, food, etc.) Additionally, you can research this (story) still apply, he is hoping will not change much (I mean a drastic change in the research API)

... and I apologize for that I am a stickler, but I like things to the perfection (I know it's a development version of WW and test API for core of X-Force). Therefore depends on me to find flaws as early as possible. If more errors again pulling the whole developmental series, so it would be a shame.
verfasst am: 20.03.2012, 01:06 · Edited by: mazil
Registrierdatum: 18.08.2008, 22:51

 Beiträge: 90
Even a small addition, but since this story is part of the development XF, so I did join here. I hope it does not matter. This is rather for graphics and coordinators of the XF...

Modern concept XF with a small dose of nostalgia (combination 32-bit and "VGA" grafic, but separate) is especially transparent and very nice for players. But after adding some beter graphics to the "VGA" misions...

I do not know whether it was a good combination of color depth (in groundwar). This way it does not look good. It's too... guess... Itself pictures looks good (silo), but in combination with other basic texture (jeep-surface), or with the surrounding houses is not watching (depending on the picture). Some of them beat up in the eyes (some units have too gaudy colors, would be better softer shade). It can also cause imperfect crossing from one texture to another. Beter graphics are nice, but in this case it was better to stay with basic-"old"-styl (civilians looks like good)... if you want beter graphic, then be remake all txtures to this. The combination of both, in the same screen, is very spoiled general impression (in some cases).

some graphics bugs from UFO:
T-F-T-D - wrong colors (few transparent)
X-C-A - confusing and focused at the first site (reality view), but player is still in map or in missinos! Colors in misions are wrong (aliens are some times gaudy).

So be good to clarify for whom the game actually do, whether for fan-players of X-COM (strategic players like me) or for those who go on a "facade" and who need in misions special effects, beter graphics, etc. Those the latter in such a project will not stay long, but the first ones do not mind, even when it will be in black and white, but well made (uptake bugs, also in graphics), so it seemed a pleasant impression on the eyes ... simplicity = strength

one example for all: Super Energy Apocalypse:RECYCLED! (2009)
16 colors, nice story, good reseach, simply controls and transparent view.
In the first month was played over 500.000 players, because game have balanced graphics, interesting story and excellent music...
That is way of success.

I'm not saying that XF would be reverted back, but that's just modified so that, it would be harmonize for eyes and the rest of the time was done on the core.

So, the graphic artists have complimented from me for their work. Most pictures are really amazing. But doing some things by half-style (see above), without taking into account the fact FOR WHAT that makes, it is warning.

If it offended anyone, then I apologize, but I do not care about how this whole game will be finally look ;-)
verfasst am: 23.03.2012, 02:58
Registrierdatum: 18.08.2008, 22:51

 Beiträge: 90
An error in the original text or in translation (en)?
Transporter of the Polluxer (100013463)
The transporter TRANSPOTRTS aircraft about 24 m wingspan or the transporter HAVE a wingspan of 24m?
Texts are different...
verfasst am: 05.11.2021, 15:19
Registrierdatum: 05.11.2021, 15:13

 Beiträge: 2
Wonderful! Thanks for showing this link Cleaning Companies in Ballwin

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